Online based personalized dog training



Welcome to Inspiration Canine, a Connecticut based dog training company, founded in positive, humane, dog training ideology. Let us help start your puppy out on the right foot or get your adult dog back on track to being the happy family pet you’ve been dreaming of.

We offer in-home, specialized, dog training programs to ensure efficient results for common unwanted behaviors as well as customized training for more severe behavioral concerns. Not in Connecticut? No problem! We train several teams a month online, which allows us to spread positive dog training all over the country!

Our philosophy is based around 100% humane teaching practices. We do not believe in coercive or damaging tactics, as our clients' physical and mental wellness are our number one priority. Making use of training protocols from a multitude of different animals, we are able to teach your dog how to make their own positive choices. Let us inspire a positive and trusting relationship between you and your pet, founded in teamwork, mutual understanding, and fun.

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