Casey has been surrounded by animals since childhood and grew up competing nationally in multiple equestrian events. Throughout her time at the barn training with her horse she also built working relationships with multiple farm dogs, cats, and even chickens. At home, she would often get in trouble for teaching the family dog undesirable behaviors like how to jump the baby gate and fetch her toy off the kitchen counters!

Casey attended college at the University of Findlay for Equestrian Studies and later went on to develop and lead the riding instruction program at Nash Hill Equestrian Center, in Gowanda, NY. It was there that Casey picked out her first puppy, a Border Collie Lab Mix named Riley. Riley was an expert farm dog but lost his job when Casey moved back to CT to finish her studies in English. This was when Casey’s love for training and dog sports started. Riley had a new career as a trick, agility, and disc dog!

Around the same time, a young neglected English Mastiff joined the family. Through helping Sophie recover, Casey learned the power of positive reinforcement training in rehabilitating dogs with sever behavior problems, allowing Sophie to go from people phobic and dog aggressive to confident family companion.

Casey is positive, upbeat, and confident that she can help change your family’s relationship with your dog. She currently lives in Windsor, CT with her husband, Border Collie Onni, and rescue dog Stark!