Inspiration Canine Online

Inspiration Canine is proud to announce our expansion into online learning, allowing us to work with clients outside of our normal mileage! If you have a question about whether online training is appropriate for your situation, contact us to discuss. 


IC Online for Agility Competitors:

Love agility, but are lacking quality instruction in your area? Inspiration Canine, effectively teaches OneMind Dogs inspired agility handling and obstacle skills with private monthly online coaching. After a quick assessment course, you and your dog will work through perfecting techniques and applying them to sequences, right from the comfort of your own home. A more personalized approach than the typical mass offered online handling systems, for a more successful outcome! 


IC Online for Behavioral Cases:

Behavioral consultations and subsequent unlimited online support are available and productive for most behavior modification situations excluding dog/dog agression and dog/human aggression cases. IC Online is an amazing tool to help dogs suffering with behavioral issues such as; leash reactivity, environmental sensitivity, isolation distress, generalized anxiety, hyperactivity.

One-Time Behavioral Consultation:

IC Online consultations are a great starting point to figuring out how to help your dog. Consultations are case dependent and last approximately one hour to ninety minutes respectively. Along with the direct feedback you will receive from the live consult, you will also receive a document following the meeting with training suggestions, recommended literature and referrals to help you better help your dog. 

IC Online Unlimited for Behavioral Cases:

 A FaceTime consultation is the starting point and included in IC Online Unlimited Behavior Training, following with a plan to help modify your dog's behavior and help them recover and feel better! Consistent videoing of training sessions, content uploading, and bi-weekly FaceTime meetings are required to participate in the program. A customized training plan will be created and continuously tweaked, according to your specific needs. Since this is a case by case program, a minimum amount of monthly commitment may be established during your initial consultation. Please contact us with any questions, we can help!

IC Online for Pet Dog Clients:

Do you love working with your trainer in-person but when you get home you feel lost and confused? Do you have a hard time filling in the blanks between starting a behavior and completing it? Do you have all the basics but are not sure how to get them in public or around distraction? Unlimited monthly training is made for you! IC Online is a customizable program meant to work for YOU. With weekly assignments, daily feedback, and unique to you training plans there is no limit to what can be accomplished. Program takes place on a closed Facebook group and includes a weekly FaceTime check in meeting. With a focus on learning theories, training mechanics, and critical thinking we help you teach your dog, from the comfort of your own home, on your schedule. 


Casey has been a sanity saver and a hope giver. Not only was my young dog dealing with arousal issues, but she had severe noise fears and aggression towards an older dog in the home. Casey, very thoroughly, worked out a plan to start dealing with the fear and arousal issues. Each technique helped my girl gain confidence and blossom. More importantly, Casey had a contagious positive outlook which provided a light at the end of the tunnel. Very thankful for all her knowledge, highly recommended.”
— Kathy Hatch, Guilford, CT
I can’t say enough great things about Casey. Her ability to help with a wide variety of training challenges with my aroused and frustrated sheltie has been remarkable. Her knowledge, patience, encouragement and generosity of spirit has resulted not only in better behavior and training, it has rekindled the fun and love I have for my dog.
— Joan Green, Northern, CA
Casey helped us so much with our dog’s resource guarding! It is so nice to build a positive relationship with your dog, improve their behavior, and have fun while you do it!
— Chelsea Eaton, Machester, CT