All they want for Christmas

My husband was in the grocery store the weekend before Thanksgiving and sent me a picture of a stack of HUGE oversized rawhide bones packaged with bows and ribbons, meant as holiday presents for dogs. He was excited to see the Christmas stuff out, he loves dog presents. This isn’t shocking; stockings, holiday toys, ugly Christmas sweaters, and themed dog biscuits are not new items on the pet store shelves. And we all love it. I can’t wait to spoil my dogs over the holidays. (It IS one of the most exciting things for me in December!) The holiday photos! The unwrapping of presents! But I am going to also make sure they get what they want during the holiday season (hint: it does not involve posing with a random man in a fake beard at the local pet store). Here are your dog’s top three holiday wishes!


1.     To spend more time with you!

Whether it is in the form of a training class, a walk in the woods, or an extra car ride. Your dog just wants to see your face. This is no exception during the holiday season where schedules get even tighter and normal priorities get pushed aside. One easy solution: sign up for a training class to protect an hour a week to spend with your dog. Most local positive reinforcement based schools offer a variety of fun classes to try out not to mention the ever-popular family dog class! Need something more flexible? Hire an in-person trainer who can work specifically on your needs, on your schedule.

2.     To spend more time outside

Take a chance, load Rover up in the car, drive out somewhere you’ve never been before, and go for a walk. You will be surprised how beneficial this is for your mental health as well! Take a break from the shopping, baking, and social obligations to breath some fresh air! Take your partner, take your kids, take your mother-in-law! (The dog won’t mind who tags along.)

3.     To spend more time eating

I mean, yeah, me too! But seriously, take that special holiday biscuit, break it up, and wrap it in some brown paper, scatter it under a towel, or hide it under cups. Use mealtime to enrich your dog’s daily life and help them cope with the business of the holiday season. Spoil them with some kibble dispensing toys and slow bowls, bully sticks, and stuffed Kongs.


Dogs truly embody the holiday spirit, year-round. They give love with nothing promised in return. They enjoy things that cannot be purchased. They live in the moment with grateful hearts. So, let's dress them up, take some ridiculous Instagram photos and then let them take us for a walk.

Happy Holidays from Inspiration Canine! 

Casey Coughlin JonesComment